Learning Blender by creating donuts

A few days ago Youtube's algorithm had a small surprise for me. I had decided to do a simple logo in 3D using Blender for a side project, and somehow the suggestion algorithm picked that fact and decided to list videos of people documenting their progress creatin 3D content. Such as this really cool progress report from Hendy August:

Hendy's progress as seen in the video is very impressive to say the least, and the scene he created and showcase at the end talks to me. That was enough to convince me to look for Blender tutorals as I was failing to get any good results by my own.

I've first learned about Blender more than 10 years ago from friends who were quite serious at making 3D content. At the time seeing what they were doing piqued my interest and I tried to learn how to use Blender as a past time activity, though I never got to the point of creating something interesting. I can still remember how confusing video tutorials (or written tutorials) where at the time, with terrible audio, low resolution, and in general instructions that were confusing and difficult to follow. Blender as a software was already overwhelming because of its strange and complicated interface and concepts, and the learning material was making it worse.

Anyway, this week when Youtube's algorithm decided I should care about Blender, I quickly found out that a lot of high quality learning material is now available for free and if very high resolution! I decided to go with Blender Guru's playlist "Blender Beginner Tutorial Series".

The playlist is really fun to follow, Andrew is a fantastic teacher. I'm currently creating lot of donuts, and will post my progress here.