HabitCat - The simple habit tracker

Update 20/07/2020

The app has now been released on iOS too!

Get it right now:

As a half of the team at NoodleSoup, I'm pleased to announce the public release of HabitCat, a simple mobile app to manage habits and routines. We created it to fullfil our own needs, and as a way to scratch our own itch as product developers.

It's use is really straightforward:

  1. Create a habit with a weekly goal
  2. Mark days as successful or not
  3. Keep your streak of successful weeks

It's just you, your habits, and a cute little cat. Our goal was to have something straightforward, without notifications, advertising, or reliance on online services.

It has been made with the fantastic tools and services from Expo (I love what they are doing, highly recommended!) in 2-3 months while we experimented and learnt to use both React Native and general mobile development. We started with a really simple goal, in fact we never expected to actually release something publicly, but over time we continued working on it, going way further than expected, refining the user experience, look and feel, and doing some cool graphics. I'm really happy with the result and it was a blast to work together on this project.

We currently have translations in English, French, and German, we are looking for more languages to support.

If you try it out, let me tell you THANK YOU, and please send us your feedbacks either directly at noodlesoupcellective@gmail.com or on Twitter at @noodlesoup!

Get it right now on your mobile!

In the coming days I will write more about its making-of project, come back visit this blog if you're interested!