HabitCat released on iOS

Small update to follow-up the official HabitCat public release. The app is now also available on iOS, worldwide and for free 😁.

Get it right now!

Again I want to cheer the people at Expo for making it that easy to target the whole phone market, releasing on iOS wasn't our plan until just a few days ago because we thought that would be too much work for a small side project like this one, but in fact that only required a few tweaks and manual operations.

So we are now done with the release on mobile, and done with the first version of the application, we reached all our goals and even more. A very successful project so far (not in term of users of course, but that's not our main motivation to work on this)!

And please, if you try the app, continue to give us feedbacks on Twitter or by email, we will follow-up with updates to take in account user comments 🤗.