HabitCat update: Dark mode support, set start date, Russian support, and more

A few days ago we released a new version of HabitCat (v1.9.1) taking in account feedbacks we received from our users:

  • 🌗 Switch between light and dark mode (also known as "night mode")! HabitCat now supports dynamic color schemes, depending on the mode set on your phone the app will automatically select the appropriate scheme.

  • 📆 We received multiple times the feedback that users want to set past data, for example from other applications, and have more control over the starting date of a habit. We agree that's a very good feature, so that's now possible! When creating a habit the start date will default to today, but you can change it to a date in the past then manually fill the data you already have.

  • The color palette has been improved, we selected more vibrant colors, and more variation in our choice. The new palettes look really nice in both light and dark mode ☺

  • 🇷🇺 One of our user offered to help by contributing a Russian translation!

  • We also fixed bugs and visual glitches, for example the side menu should not be visible anymore for a short moment when opening the application, latest iOS devices don't have anymore randomly misplaced scroll bars, and screens don't flicker anymore when data are being loaded at startup.

All in all it was more work than initially expected, but we are very happy with the result! The dark mode and improved color scheme are great changes to make the application nicer to use and looking more finished. And a big thanks to all the users who contacted us and gave us some feedbacks.

You can find the original announcement on our Twitter account. And you can contact us by email if you have feedbacks to share ✌.

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