Hide scores on HackerNews

A few days ago I re-published on the Chrome Web Store a small browser extension "HackerNews No Pressure". You can find the store listing here.

It's purpose is to hide user scores, comment scores, and link scores when browsing https://news.ycombinator.com. The implementation is ridiculously simple, it doesn't have any logic, and only consists in a small stylesheet that hides a few elements. It doesn't have any impact other than this and is fairly stable, I'm using it as a side-loaded extension since around 5 years now with zero maintenance.

Someone asked about that feature in a recent thread, so I felt that would be nice to make it available again to more people.

And that's how HN looks when enabled.

Of course the stylesheet is publicly available on GitHub, you can find the repository at https://github.com/dgellow/hn-no-pressure.