Last Friday evening I was following and discussing the 2020 US elections, while I got a really dumb idea: is there a logic behind Trump's use of ALL CAPS when tweeting? And if yes, can people guess correctly what is actually in ALL CAPS when given a lowercase version?

I felt that would be a funny, silly game, so I implemented it the next day.

You can play it right now at

Rules are very simple: you're given 6 tweets in a row, all in lowercase, and have to guess which words are supposed to be in ALL CAPS. You're score is then calculated based on your accuracy. That sounds easy, but in fact, some tweets are really hard to guess correctly!

A round looks like this:

game round screenshot

Words underscored in orange can be toggled between their lowercase and uppercase version. You then click on "Verify", which results in this:

game round score screenshot

The list of tweets is already quite big (360+ tweets with more than 2 ALL CAPS words), and new ones are added automatically once per day via a GitHub Action.

Sources available on GitHub: