I'm currently learning to use the game engine and editor Godot, and I just realized today that you can see and inspect the complete scene tree of a running Godot project.

It's easy to do, but somehow I didn't know about it, the button to click has an unexpected name ("Remote") that doesn't really communicate what it does!

  1. Start your scene (with F5 or by clicking on the Play button on the top right corner)
Use F5 or Play button to play your main scene
  1. Now that the scene is running, notice that at the top of the "Scene" section you now have two labels, Local and Remote
When running, you can now see the 'local' or 'remote' scene
  1. Local shows you the tree as it is in your scene file, while Remote shows you the tree as it is on a "remote running process"! Click on it and you can now inspect any node as they are in your game. As an example, in the following screenshot Tile is a node added dynamically from a script.
Select 'remote' to see the current state of your r...