Find here a selection of personal projects I work on. Note that is only a short overview, but I will try to make the list grow over time with more details.

HabitCat - The simple habit and routine tracker

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In collaboration with my life partner we created this small mobile application to manage and follows our weekly habits. Our goal was to have something straightforward, without notifications, advertising, or reliance on online services.

Made with the fantastic tools and services from Expo (I love what they are doing, highly recommended!), the original version has been made in 2-3 months while experimenting and learning with React Native and mobile development in general. We started with a really simple goal, in fact we never expected to actually release something, but over time we went way further than expected, refining the user experience, look and feel, and doing some cool graphics. I'm really pleased with the result and it was a blast to work together on this project.

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trump screaming game screenshot

A silly game I made a Saturday following the US election 2020. Inspired by the latest ALL CAPS frenzy of the orange man on Twitter, rules are as stupid as they are simple: you're given 6 Trump tweets, in lowercase, your job is to identify which words are in fact in ALL CAPS, and supposed to be screamed out loud!

Play it now at!

Color palette extraction

imgcolor screenshot

As a small experiment I created that tiny web app that extracts mains colors from an image file.

The application is available online. The core is straightforward, it is an implementation of a quantizer using an histogram. The N most frequent colors are then used to compose the palette.

Source code available at


diskinfo screenshot

I often find myself checking the remaining free space available on my machines. macOS doesn't provide a quick way to get that information without switching contexts, that's why I created, the simplest solution I could come with. It's a simple addition to the menu bar that displays statistics. One click, get the job done. I use it all the time 😁.

Try it out if you're on macOS 😉.

Get it on the Mac App Store

Source code available at

Movie Release (telegram bot)

movie release screenshot

I wanted to play a bit with Google AppEngine, and do some programming with my partner in life. We created together a simple bot for the chat application Telegram. The bot, available at @MovieReleasesBot, allows people to list incoming movie releases and subscribe to them to receive a notification a few days before the actual release.

The complete code is available at Definitely not serious or production ready, but that was a nice pair programming project for a few weekends.

Fantasy Video Game Console

virtcpu screenshot

I'm playing around with the idea of a completely virtual retro game console, in the idea of Pico8 but closer to a Commodore 64.

The project is a work in progress, I work on it from time to time when I feel like it. That gives me the opportunity to learn C++, and 6502 programming.

The project consists of:

  • A virtual CPU, currently an emulation of a 6502
  • An assembler to parse and compile a simple ASM language to 6502 instructions
  • A graphical editor to be able to write programs, run them in the virtual console, and debug it

Source code:

This website

website screenshot

Because recursion jokes are funny 😃 (at least to me).

More seriously, I would like to improve my writing, have a place with my thoughts and projects, and see if I can keep a blog up to date. Thus this website.